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Buddy the Wonder Dog

July 12, 2011

Buddy is great!  He learns really fast.  He sits and stays on the diningroom rug while we fix dinner and then stays in the livingroom while we eat dinner.  He hasn’t gotten up on the furniture once since I laid a sheet of tin foil on the couch the first day and removed it a couple of days later (a tip from the internet).  He is so trusting, affectionate and CUTE!  Sometimes he looks like a German Shepherd and sometimes like a Husky with his fuzzy ears, curled up tail and round eyes.  We take him to the dog park in Belfast and he loves playing and running with the other dogs.

We are happy and smiling all the time.  It’s fun to have this new lovely and lively energy in our lives!


Update on Pugsly!

June 20, 2011

I’m sure you’ve wondered how Pugsly was doing since he came to live with me and my 2 greyhounds. Pugsly has adjusted beautifully!  He is perky and calm and hasn’t made any inside “mistakes”. He’s down to a good weight and loves snooping around my house, trots up and down the stairs and, of course, is always looking for food! The greyhounds are still trying to figure out exactly what he is, but all seem tolerant of each other and they are so funny to watch as they all trot out to the yard or back into the house–small, medium, and large in a row.  Thank you all for hanging in there with Pugsly and his special needs long enough for him to find his “forever home”.   Thanks! Marsha, Winchester, Hazelnut, and Pugsly


June 16, 2011

This is Marty, our newest addition to our family. We adopted him on Sunday May 22. He has a new big sister, a one year old Cat named Gilly. Marty is very cute, cuddly, and frisky! Thanks CRARL!

Jon & Sarah Maxcy

Meet Romeo & Ella

May 6, 2011

We are long-time supporters of the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League and have adopted several cats from you over the years.  Recently I went to my bank and met a boy named Webster, who was so loving and friendly. He literally crawled up the metal cage to get close to me and wrap his paws around my hands as I petted him. I went and adopted him right away.  Imagine my sadness when I learned he had a sister, and the two were found abandoned in a dwelling after the tenants moved away.  His sister was at another bank trying to attract an adoptive family.  Over and over I thought of her coming “home” to the shelter and not finding her brother there! 

The next day I went back and adopted Willow. She, like her brother, loves to snuggle and hug with her arms wrapped around your neck.  She even kisses!  The cats are adjusting into our home and family with ease—our other two cats are a little territorial but already some friendly sniffing and greetings have begun.  Here are some photos of the newly named Romeo and Ella!! 

Best, the Mantello-Sewall family

A Splendid Cat Indeed!

April 4, 2011

A few weeks ago we adopted Martin (Jonas) who, I was told, was the last in a litter of kittens to be chosen. Well, the saying “save the best for last” is certainly true.  We have had many cats, but Martin is a fabulous kitty.  He loves to play, is comfortable with all people and children, is very clean and very quiet.  He only makes small sounds when he knows I am dishing up the “soft food”. He had his well kitty vet visit and Dr.Lee pronounced him a splendid cat indeed.  He is very considerate and goes to bed when I do and purrs in my ear when it is time to get up – never too early.  He is trying to be friendly with the dog, but so far is ignored. As you can see in this picture, Martin likes his naps in his Dad’s arms. We adore him.

Thanks for everything,

Jan Gilley

Windy & Dusty

April 4, 2011

In November of 2009, my boys and I visited the kitten room and our hearts were stolen by a spunky tuxedo kitten named Wendy who was climbing the inside of her cage, halfway up the side.  We adopted her that day, leaving her sister Winny behind.  Wendy’s name was changed to Windy, and after a couple weeks, our other 2 older cats learned to accept her and her spunk, though they would not play with her.  My husband had been thinking about the sister who was left behind and suggested we adopt her too since our older cats wouldn’t play with Windy.  However, by the time we inquired about Winny, there was a ringworm outbreak in the kitten room and we were put on hold.  Due to the numerous tests over many weeks needed to clear the kitten room, we waited about 3 months to adopt Winny in March 2010.  Before we brought Winny home, we imagined a joyous reunion between the sisters, but Winny smelled pretty bad from the ringworm treatments, and our other 3 cats avoided her.  We changed her name to Dusty, since her tail caught lots of dust from our wood floors.  Our kids gave Winny plenty of attention, though, and over time, the other cats came to accept her, odor and all.  Windy and Dusty are young adults now and play together all the time. 

We certainly love them!

-Kristy Morsey and Family, Morrill, Maine

Victoria’s Happy Ending!

March 1, 2011

Victoria loves her tunnel!

I had been thinking about adopting a kitty for awhile, and my three kids really wanted a pet, so I decided to look online and saw “Victoria” and completely fell in love with her face.  My friend and I went on a Thursday to see her, but she was out that day on a “field trip” to one of the banks, so I had to wait and come back the next day.  I couldn’t wait to come see her, and when I finally did get to see her, I knew she was meant to be “ours” to bring home.  We adopted “Victoria” on Feb 11, 2011.  She has turned out to be a great addition to our family even if she does keep us up all night with her antics!!  She loves to eat, and really loves her kitty treats!  Her tunnel is one of her favorite places to play!  She is constantly doing something to make us laugh, and we couldn’t be more happy with her!  We haven’t been able to decide on a new name, so for now she is still “Victoria” to us.

Cuddles Found a GREAT Home!

February 17, 2011

Here is a picture of our beloved “Cuddles”. We came in to start looking for a kitty and it was during your clever “black and white sale”. There were so many black kitties then and we learned from talking to a volunteer there that black cats are very laid back. That was just what we were looking for. Because we have a three year old. All the black cats were so affectionate and totally didn’t mind being picked up by our child. We decided to come back the next day to adopt a kitty! We had a kitten in mind, but when we came back she had just been adopted. However there was “Felicia” who we hadn’t even noticed before and we thought she was very sweet. So she came home with us and we were so surprised at how affectionate and completely lovable she was! Also she is so silly and will do so many funny things during the day to make us laugh. Our family had been going through some hard times and she is like an angel in our lives. One thing she loves to do is play fetch! Also she cuddles a lot which is why we named her that. We love her so much and are so grateful that we “found” her.


January 27, 2011

This is Ellie!  She is a 5 month old Golden Retriever/Malamute cross.  She is a bundle of energy and curious about everything!  Smart as a whip, funny and loves to run – I do hope I can keep up with her!  Thank you!  Hilary

A holiday gift

December 4, 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to share pictures of Tilly. (aka Kahlua) She is adjusting well to our home.  Tilly hanging out at homeShe is the most precious of gifts I could ever have. I appreciated the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful dog.

Thank you,

The Langley’s