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Alley & Buttons

April 4, 2012

Both girls have adjusted beautifully and seem to be happy, especially wiggle Mcgee “Alley”.  Buttons will sleep with us at night but Alley seems to prefer her favorite chair and likes to sleep on a blanket.  A little love seems to go a long way with these two.  Thank you!                    ~Bob


Spoiled Rotten? No Way!

April 4, 2012

Sophie is doing well.  Other than being spoiled rotten.  She takes up the whole bed and insists on sleeping between me and my lady.  She has a cage but she knows it is “Her Room” and goes to it on command.  Next is to train her to come when called while her nose is on the ground.  She is totally part of the family.  Thank you all.         

~Jim & Krissy


April 4, 2012

We adopted Kyle almost a year ago – she is the most special little dog in the world and we love her to death!  Thank you for helping us bring this wonderful friend into our life!                           ~Candace