Buddy the Wonder Dog

Buddy is great!  He learns really fast.  He sits and stays on the diningroom rug while we fix dinner and then stays in the livingroom while we eat dinner.  He hasn’t gotten up on the furniture once since I laid a sheet of tin foil on the couch the first day and removed it a couple of days later (a tip from the internet).  He is so trusting, affectionate and CUTE!  Sometimes he looks like a German Shepherd and sometimes like a Husky with his fuzzy ears, curled up tail and round eyes.  We take him to the dog park in Belfast and he loves playing and running with the other dogs.

We are happy and smiling all the time.  It’s fun to have this new lovely and lively energy in our lives!


One Response to “Buddy the Wonder Dog”

  1. Suzy Taylor Says:

    Update on Buddy

    Dec 2011

    It’s been almost five months since we adopted Buddy. We are so in love with him! We are dismayed to find that we act toward him as people act toward their teacup poodles!

    He’s doing great at his job of walking me 2-3 miles twice a day. I hear my husband, who used to be very grouchy first thing in the morning due to back pain, whispering, “Hi, my sweetie, boy, how’s my buddy boy?” followed by his laughter and some slurps, ear-flapping, and soft snorts from Buddy. Then, they leave to fix coffee and go out to pee.

    Buddy’s previous owners had to give him up when they split up. When Buddy would hear my husband yell at the newscasters, he would immediately get up and go over to him anxiously, probably expecting intense arguments between us followed by his being abandoned again. By this behavior, he has become a great reminder to lower any
    intensity on our parts.

    With all the changes in our lives that Buddy has brought us, we’ve considered changing his name to Dr. Phil!

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