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A Sad Story with a Happy Ending

July 19, 2011

Lola was found wandering the streets with baling wire wound around her neck and very thin.  The shelter assumed she was a “puppy mill” Mom who somehow escaped.  Thankfully somebody found her and brought her to the shelter.  She must have had to fight for scraps all her life as she fought tooth and nail with other dogs in 3 other homes before we found her.  Lola was only 60 lbs. back then.  Knowing her background we brought our very large Chinook cross to meet Lola at the shelter and they played like puppies, but when we got home and I dropped a cookie I thought Lola was going to attack him!  It was very scary for a while, but we couldn’t send her back to the shelter again.  We worked with her and she learned that she would never miss a meal or be hungry again.  She is so loving we wouldn’t trade her for anything.  Now at 90+ lbs. she and our Chinook are inseperable – a match made in heaven!  We are so grateful to the folks at the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League for taking such wonderful care of her.     -Mary M.


Buddy the Wonder Dog

July 12, 2011

Buddy is great!  He learns really fast.  He sits and stays on the diningroom rug while we fix dinner and then stays in the livingroom while we eat dinner.  He hasn’t gotten up on the furniture once since I laid a sheet of tin foil on the couch the first day and removed it a couple of days later (a tip from the internet).  He is so trusting, affectionate and CUTE!  Sometimes he looks like a German Shepherd and sometimes like a Husky with his fuzzy ears, curled up tail and round eyes.  We take him to the dog park in Belfast and he loves playing and running with the other dogs.

We are happy and smiling all the time.  It’s fun to have this new lovely and lively energy in our lives!