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Update on Pugsly!

June 20, 2011

I’m sure you’ve wondered how Pugsly was doing since he came to live with me and my 2 greyhounds. Pugsly has adjusted beautifully!  He is perky and calm and hasn’t made any inside “mistakes”. He’s down to a good weight and loves snooping around my house, trots up and down the stairs and, of course, is always looking for food! The greyhounds are still trying to figure out exactly what he is, but all seem tolerant of each other and they are so funny to watch as they all trot out to the yard or back into the house–small, medium, and large in a row.  Thank you all for hanging in there with Pugsly and his special needs long enough for him to find his “forever home”.   Thanks! Marsha, Winchester, Hazelnut, and Pugsly



June 16, 2011

This is Marty, our newest addition to our family. We adopted him on Sunday May 22. He has a new big sister, a one year old Cat named Gilly. Marty is very cute, cuddly, and frisky! Thanks CRARL!

Jon & Sarah Maxcy