Meet Romeo & Ella

We are long-time supporters of the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League and have adopted several cats from you over the years.  Recently I went to my bank and met a boy named Webster, who was so loving and friendly. He literally crawled up the metal cage to get close to me and wrap his paws around my hands as I petted him. I went and adopted him right away.  Imagine my sadness when I learned he had a sister, and the two were found abandoned in a dwelling after the tenants moved away.  His sister was at another bank trying to attract an adoptive family.  Over and over I thought of her coming “home” to the shelter and not finding her brother there! 

The next day I went back and adopted Willow. She, like her brother, loves to snuggle and hug with her arms wrapped around your neck.  She even kisses!  The cats are adjusting into our home and family with ease—our other two cats are a little territorial but already some friendly sniffing and greetings have begun.  Here are some photos of the newly named Romeo and Ella!! 

Best, the Mantello-Sewall family


One Response to “Meet Romeo & Ella”

  1. Mia Mantello Says:

    RE: Romeo and Ella They are doing great and love each other and us and the other cats!!! They make a lot of mischief including getting into the dishwasher and jumping on places so high we are surprised they are up there. Also they eat weird things, like bread wrapped in saran wrap, tea bags, etc. We feed them lots of expensive all natural food recommended by the holistic vet……but they like to sample whatever is on the counter.

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