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A Splendid Cat Indeed!

April 4, 2011

A few weeks ago we adopted Martin (Jonas) who, I was told, was the last in a litter of kittens to be chosen. Well, the saying “save the best for last” is certainly true.  We have had many cats, but Martin is a fabulous kitty.  He loves to play, is comfortable with all people and children, is very clean and very quiet.  He only makes small sounds when he knows I am dishing up the “soft food”. He had his well kitty vet visit and Dr.Lee pronounced him a splendid cat indeed.  He is very considerate and goes to bed when I do and purrs in my ear when it is time to get up – never too early.  He is trying to be friendly with the dog, but so far is ignored. As you can see in this picture, Martin likes his naps in his Dad’s arms. We adore him.

Thanks for everything,

Jan Gilley


Windy & Dusty

April 4, 2011

In November of 2009, my boys and I visited the kitten room and our hearts were stolen by a spunky tuxedo kitten named Wendy who was climbing the inside of her cage, halfway up the side.  We adopted her that day, leaving her sister Winny behind.  Wendy’s name was changed to Windy, and after a couple weeks, our other 2 older cats learned to accept her and her spunk, though they would not play with her.  My husband had been thinking about the sister who was left behind and suggested we adopt her too since our older cats wouldn’t play with Windy.  However, by the time we inquired about Winny, there was a ringworm outbreak in the kitten room and we were put on hold.  Due to the numerous tests over many weeks needed to clear the kitten room, we waited about 3 months to adopt Winny in March 2010.  Before we brought Winny home, we imagined a joyous reunion between the sisters, but Winny smelled pretty bad from the ringworm treatments, and our other 3 cats avoided her.  We changed her name to Dusty, since her tail caught lots of dust from our wood floors.  Our kids gave Winny plenty of attention, though, and over time, the other cats came to accept her, odor and all.  Windy and Dusty are young adults now and play together all the time. 

We certainly love them!

-Kristy Morsey and Family, Morrill, Maine