Victoria’s Happy Ending!

Victoria loves her tunnel!

I had been thinking about adopting a kitty for awhile, and my three kids really wanted a pet, so I decided to look online and saw “Victoria” and completely fell in love with her face.  My friend and I went on a Thursday to see her, but she was out that day on a “field trip” to one of the banks, so I had to wait and come back the next day.  I couldn’t wait to come see her, and when I finally did get to see her, I knew she was meant to be “ours” to bring home.  We adopted “Victoria” on Feb 11, 2011.  She has turned out to be a great addition to our family even if she does keep us up all night with her antics!!  She loves to eat, and really loves her kitty treats!  Her tunnel is one of her favorite places to play!  She is constantly doing something to make us laugh, and we couldn’t be more happy with her!  We haven’t been able to decide on a new name, so for now she is still “Victoria” to us.


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