Cuddles Found a GREAT Home!

Here is a picture of our beloved “Cuddles”. We came in to start looking for a kitty and it was during your clever “black and white sale”. There were so many black kitties then and we learned from talking to a volunteer there that black cats are very laid back. That was just what we were looking for. Because we have a three year old. All the black cats were so affectionate and totally didn’t mind being picked up by our child. We decided to come back the next day to adopt a kitty! We had a kitten in mind, but when we came back she had just been adopted. However there was “Felicia” who we hadn’t even noticed before and we thought she was very sweet. So she came home with us and we were so surprised at how affectionate and completely lovable she was! Also she is so silly and will do so many funny things during the day to make us laugh. Our family had been going through some hard times and she is like an angel in our lives. One thing she loves to do is play fetch! Also she cuddles a lot which is why we named her that. We love her so much and are so grateful that we “found” her.


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