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Another Happy Home

December 15, 2009

Hi CRARL Staff,

If you remember I came to live with the Websters last spring.  I love it here, so much.  They take me for walks on the beach and I want to go every day, so I stand at the door and cry (like a dog) until they take me out.  I won’t stay out of their laps, and breathe in their faces.  Oh! I lay on Mrs. Webster’s chest and hug her.  I know she loves me!  I can’t sleep in the bedroom at night, because they can’t get used to me sleeping on their heads – yet!!  Thank you for letting me come here to live.  Mrs. Webster is in Florida for a couple of months, I miss her lap.

God Bless Snoopy!

Love, Fred

(and Ron & Rita Webster)


A holiday gift

December 4, 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to share pictures of Tilly. (aka Kahlua) She is adjusting well to our home.  Tilly hanging out at homeShe is the most precious of gifts I could ever have. I appreciated the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful dog.

Thank you,

The Langley’s

Copper’s Story

December 1, 2009

Just a short note to thank you all for doing the job you are doing – on Saturday our shelter dog (8 years ago) named Copper got out while we were away for the day.  When we returned home it was Saturday night and I could not reach anyone.  Early Sunday I went to your office and found the staff.  They looked through the calls and found the woman who had picked Copper up and taken him home.  We went to her home and picked Copper up.  He had had a great adventure.  And it was because you all are there that we found him so quickly!

Again thanks,

Connie Perret