Dakota-doing well in Vermont

To all my friends (both two and four-footed) at the Humane Society of Knox County and the Camden Rockport Animal Rescue League:

Hi all. I wanted to update you on my life since leaving the CRARL. I spent a wonderful week in Maine with my new adopted family on their Searsmont farm before heading over to the Green Mountain State. I now live with them in an apartment in Northfield, Vermont. I live in a neighborhood with lots of cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, and the occasional woodchuck and skunk. Fortunately I have not gotten too close to the latter, though some of my pals in the neighborhood have not been so lucky. Speaking of pals I have a girlfriend down the street. Her name is Addie, and she is a beautiful two-year-old Golden Retriever. Yes, I know, she is an older woman…what can I say? My family is very trainable. I have taught them to give me treats every time I do something clever, such as coming, sitting, giving paw, lying down, fetching Frisbees, and stuff like that. They have even learned some of the basic hand signals. They seem to have an unlimited supply of treats. My favorite is rawhide. I like to bury the rawhide bones and eat them later, when they are soft and covered with dirt. I had my first visit to the vet, who was very impressed at how relaxed I was for a rescue dog. She also said I had beautiful teeth. My family takes me for frequent walks on the leash, and also to an open field by a river where I can run and get wet and play with other dogs. Most of the dogs and humans around here are quite friendly, though there are some grumpy ones too, unfortunately. Sometimes I sleep in my family’s beds, and sometimes I sleep in my own bed on the floor next to them. I am glad I chose them. They are a good family. Well, that is about it. I miss all my friends back in Maine, especially Lola, but am doing quite well as you can see. Please give my regards to everyone at both shelters and tell them I hope they find good homes very soon. And thank you to all the humans who took such good care of me until I found my family.

Love, Coda

PS Oh yeah, my family shortened my name to Coda. It was easier for them to say than “Dakota.”

PPS I meant to attach a recent photo of myself, taken at a rugby game at Norwich University, where my family works. I don’t look too happy because the artillery company had just shot off a cannon, and the loud noise scared me so I jumped into the car. I will send more photos soon. Love, Coda.




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