My Friend Liam


Liam graciously accepted my invitation to come home with me around Christimas time 2008. I had been volunteering at the shelter for a few months and fell in love with this senior kitty that had so much grace. He was 16 at the time I adopted him. He had been at the shelter for 2 years, losing his brother during that time. He had come from a sad situation (by the records). Liam was such a gentleman from the time he set foot in my door. My other kitties, Whisper, Winner (Whisper’s daughter) and Mickey were not too sure but he settled right in after going from room to room twice and then settling on the sofa to live his days in the sun coming in the window and insisting on my sitting down if I was too busy with his Siamese howl. He was in the early stages of kidney failure then and I was hoping he would make it to another Christimas with me but he was too ill and he went peacefully on Friday, September 18. My goal was to give him the best in his last few years and I believe I accomplished that. Everyone that met Liam thought he was such a gentleman, almost regal. I will miss him. Here’s to Liam, my graceful kitty that touched my heart.

Liam and Mikey

Liam and Mikey

Nadine Micoleau


2 Responses to “My Friend Liam”

  1. kate Says:

    Aw, I remember Liam and his brother. They were quite unkempt when they came in! I’m sorry to hear that Liam lost his brother during his stay. How lovely for him to enjoy the end of his life with you. Rest Peacefully, Liam.

  2. JaneA Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Liam found a wonderful home. I’d stopped in and considered adopting him myself, but I knew my lifestyle would be too stressful for him and it wouldn’t be a kindness to bring him into that situation. Thank you, Nadine, for giving Liam a loving home for the last year of his life. 🙂

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