Second chance for feral kittens

Beauty in fur!

Beauty in fur!

I just wanted to send you a few photos of Nokomis, who I adopted in December 2006 after my 6-month internship with CRARL. She came in with her sister, Nova, in September 2006. I think they were strays from Islesboro, and were semi-socialized thanks to their feeder. If my memory serves me correctly, Nova (the braver of the two) was adopted along with a lovely all black kitten named Fauna. Nokomis was a very shy, skittish, hissy little kitten. Luckily she was young enough to adjust to life as a house cat. Though she is still afraid of strangers and loud noises, she seems very happy with her life as an indoor cat and loves to cuddle and be carried around. She seems to have a genetic pre-disposition to oral issues (FORLs), but successfully underwent dental surgery this past June. Her mouth is doing much better now, though she is unhappy with my attempts to brush her teeth!

 Thanks for giving a semi-feral kitten a chance. I couldn’t imagine life without her! She is my other half (in feline form!). I’ve been working as an Adoption Counselor for the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society (in Leverett, MA) since April 2008 and I continue to have a soft spot for the “scaredy cats”.


 -kate sheely


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