Tripping his way into a family!

June 24, 2009

Dear Camden Rockport Animal Rescue League,

I recently adopted an adolescent cat named Squirt and I wanted to provide you with an update on his adaptation to his new home. You may remember that our family already included two cats and two dogs, so we were cautious as to how Squirt would be received. Upon walking into the house, he immediately pronounced that he liked it here and decided that in the cat kingdom, he would usurp the current king cat and assume the throne. He greeted the other cats and tolerated their hissing and back arching as if it was nothing to be concerned about at all. He apparently figured it was “their” problem, not his. He selected the best places to take a nap, instructed me as to his favorite foods and feeding times and promptly settled in. After a few days of not being able to scare off the new guy, the two resident cats grudgingly accepted him, but with certain limitations – like who gets to sleep where on the bed.

The dogs were curious about the new fellow in the house and he allowed each of them a good sniff and then proceeded to ignore them. Rarely have I witnessed such a quick assimilation into a new home. He obviously had been around dogs before as he had no fear of them and decline to play “chase the cat”.

We’ve changed his name to Tripp because that is what we do, we trip over him. He is constantly with us – regardless of what we are doing and LOVES to twirl between your legs if you are in the kitchen. This is where most of the tripping occurs. And apparently dinner time is any time someone enters the kitchen. We have a joke that he is truly a yellow lab in cat’s clothing due to his insatiable appetite. The cats have a bowl of dry food available to them at all times, but Tripp prefers canned food, and lots of it. He’s also developed a penchant for anything cheese, pasta or fish and presumes that I’m cooking a portion for him each night.

I came into CRARL that day with every intention of adopting a kitten, because, who can resist a cute, cuddly, baby kitten. But when I met Squirt, all bets were off. I hadn’t considered adopting an older cat, but we are thrilled to have him included in our family. I’d encourage more people to consider the non kittens in your facility- each adult cat deserves to have a home of their own too. We love him, his playful antics and unique personality. He loves our home and the fact he can lay on the back of the couch, watch the birdfeeders out the window, nap in the sun ( what sun) all afternoon and keep a watchful eye in case someone ventures into the kitchen – because maybe there will be food.

I will forward a photo as soon as possible but please know what a wonderful addition to our family he has become and how much is he loved. Thank you for providing the wonderful care to all the animals and let’s hope they all find homes.

Dorothy Havey & David McCurdy – Lincolnville


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